Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas fact sheets

The fact sheets below are provided to assist industry in complying with legislation and should be read in conjunction with the relevant guidelines.

Fact sheets commencing on 2 March 2022

Change in control of a registered titleholder

Frequently asked questions: change in control of a registered titleholder

Declaration of experience and disclosures

Frequently asked questions: Declaration of experience and disclosures

Retention lease application content

Financial resources


Annual title assessment reports

Signatures: Execution of NOPTA forms by companies

Petroleum Title Dealings: Supplementary Instruments


Renewal of work-bid exploration permits: standard halving rules


Petroleum discoveries

Monthly production reports

Rate of recovery & equipment & procedures

Pipeline licences

Developing a petroleum resource

Cessation of Pipeline Operations and/or Petroleum Production

Greenhouse Gas

GHG search authority, special authority, and research consent

Key GHG operations

GHG Surrender

GHG Expiry

GHG Cancellation

End of title

Surrender of offshore petroleum titles

Expiry of offshore petroleum titles

Cancellation of offshore petroleum titles

Good Standing Agreement: Regional studies

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