Work program changes—Petroleum exploration permits

There may be occasions where elements of an exploration work program or timing may need to change. The Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 allows for titleholders to apply for a variation, suspension and/or exemption from compliance with work program condition(s). Where warranted, the Joint Authority may also grant an extension to the permit term where a condition has been suspended.

All applications are considered by the Joint Authority on a permit-by-permit basis. The Titles Administrator may credit activities undertaken within an earlier year against the work commitments for a later year.

Titleholders are required to report annually on activities undertaken within a permit year by submitting an Annual Title Assessment Report (ATAR) and comply with data management requirements.


Application for a variation of conditions

Application for a suspension or suspension and extension of conditions

Application for a variation, suspension and extension of conditions

Application for work program credit of exploration permit conditions

Application for an exemption from conditions

Application for renewal of a petroleum exploration permit

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