NOPTA-preferred transmittals

NOPTA provides a range of transmittal documents for use by titleholders that list expected data items for each data submission type. The use of these forms is encouraged. Transmittals are available for the following data submissions types:

  • reprocessed survey
  • seismic survey
  • slides and thin sections
  • samples
  • well data
  • other—geophysical or geological survey.

Information requirements for data submitted to NOPTA

To ensure correct identification of submitted data, it is recommended that all reports and data be described on transmittals in the same terms as prescribed by regulation. The following information should be provided in the transmittal:

  • title number (under which activity was conducted)
  • contact details of the submitter (name, email and phone number)
  • titleholder details
  • unique and accurate well or survey name
  • whether the activity was completed to meet a work program commitment)
  • a clear list of reports and data
  • well or survey type
  • for surveys, inclusion of any non-exclusive data.

Data receipt and submission compliance process

Transmittal forms will be returned as soon as possible after receipt to acknowledge the submission. Each submission will be subject to a compliance quality control process. If compliance issues are identified, titleholders will be contacted and resubmission may be required.

Additional information for the resubmission of data

Where resubmission of data is requested by NOPTA or is otherwise provided by titleholders, the submission should be accompanied with details of:

  • why the data is being resubmitted
  • whether the submission is a partial or full resubmission
  • in the case of partial resubmissions, brief details of where the resubmission differs from the original data provided.
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