Lodge an application

Depending on the role allocated, you will have access to create, edit and/or lodge certain application types.

Industry Portal may be used as an alternative form of lodgment. Generally, applications submitted electronically through the NEATS Industry Portal do not require a hard copy to also be submitted.

The revised NOPTA application forms have come into effect on 1 December 2018, the revised forms contain new signature blocks (see also Fact Sheet—Execution of forms by companies). To avoid any confusion, the online application forms in NEATS will be withdrawn until further notice, with the expection for change of company name.

Please note: Acreage release (work-bid exploration permits and cash-bid exploration permits) are to be submitted in the approved form as outlined in the relevant Gazette Notice.

At this stage the Industry Portal only permits the lodgement of the application for approval and registration of change in name of company.

How to lodge an application

  1. To lodge a new application, select the Lodge New Application button located in the My Applications section.
  2. At the Lodge New Application screen, you will be required to select the Application Type: change of company name.
  3. Select Create Draft Application.
  4. You will then be required to complete the specific details of the application.
  5. While in ‘draft’ the application can be cancelled at any time. Once submitted, the application can be withdrawn.

Screen shot of the My Applications sreen in the NEATS Industry Portal

My Applications

Screen shot of the Lodge New Application sreen in the NEATS Industry Portal

Lodge New Application

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